Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 Date!

Mark your calendars!!!

The 10th annual Hughson Supercross Invitational will be Held October 15th, 2016.

Meet registration is now open.  Follow the entry instructions on our Registration Page to sign your team up for the meet.

Number of entries will determine meet schedule, but we will try to have the meet completed by 12:00 at the latest

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boy Varsity Race

133 runners bolt from the starting line

While the girls race was tight up front for the individual title, the boys race was not.  Juan Gutierrez of San Benito, who early this year had run 15:52 for 3.1 miles at the Stanford Invitational, grabbed an early lead and was never challenged.  His stated goal for the day was to take the course record from his longtime league rival and friend Jose Gonzales of Seaside.  Gonzales had set a sizzling time of 13:05 for the 4k (2.5 mile) route.

Bosquez and Yanez run 2nd and 3rd at mid race
The boys race may have been a run away, but the team battle was tight!  No team had a clear
advantage by the 1st trip through the mud pit at 1 Kilometer.  Turlock was well represented near the front of the race, as were Pleasant Grove and Seaside.  As the race progressed, Hughson again showed that they know every twist and turn in the Arboretum and used that section to move into contention.  Daniel Yanez of Hughson and David Bosquez of Turlock raced side by side through the twisting pathways, both trying to chase down Gonzales of San Benito.

Carson Boice of Hughson, who had been laying back early on, began a strong move during this middle section of the race that would carry him all the way to 3rd place overall by the finish.

Mid Pack Mud Pit Action with less than 1k to go.
As the teams exited the arboretum, it seemed that the two small schools (Hughson and Seaside) were starting to assert themselves a bit over their larger rivals.   Julio Ramirez, Taylor Ingram, and Ramon Velasco of Seaside had all moved into the top 10 overall, while Jaymie Jackson of Hughson had also joined the top 10 along with teammates Yanez and Boice.

By the finish line, the course record was safe for at least another year and Gutierrez was the clear winner, finishing 11 seconds ahead of Yanez, but it was not clear which team had won the title.  Hughson runners placed 2nd and 3rd overall, but then Seaside had runners in 5th, 6th, and 8th position.  Hughson had a guy in 9th, and the places alternated between the two schools as runners from all teams streamed across the line. This race had no clear team winner.

When all the runners were in the finish chute and all the scores were added, Hughson had squeaked out a narrow 5 point win over the Spartans of Seaside. The two small schools were followed across the line by Division 1 schools: Turlock, San Benito, Pleasant Grove, and Pitman.

Team Scores (Top 5), 17 complete teams
1. Hughson - 62
2. Seaside - 67
3. Turlock - 97
4. San Benito - 98
5. Pleasant Grove - 176

Top 5 Individuals (133 total finishers)
1. Juan Gutierrez, San Benito - 13:30
2. Daniel Yanez, Hughson - 13:41
3. Carson Boice, Hughson - 14:01
4. David Bosquez, Turlock - 14:02
5. Julio Ramirez, Seaside - 14:07

2015 Varsity Girls Recap

This year, more new schools tried out our meet.  Coming over from Hollister, San Benito High seemed to be a "featured" team, as the Lady Haybalers were sitting second in the Central Coast Section Division 1 rankings.  Other big and quality programs toed the line in the form of Turlock (D1), Pleasant Grove of Elk Grove (D1), Seaside D4 (Also a perennial state meet contender from the Central Coast Section), and Hughson who was ranked 2nd in the Sac Joaquin Section D4 standings at the time of the meet.

As the gun sounded, Ariana Lara of Hilmar bolted to the front and established an early lead.  The San Benito ladies also got our strong, establishing their 5 scorers in the top 12 of the race.  As the pack approached the 1 kilometer mark, Lara held a strong lead.  She was followed by Elli Kliewer and Hailey Cross of San Benito as well as Rachel Victor of Pleasant Grove.

That order held up as the ladies passed the one mile mark and entered the Arboretum.  But, by this point, the Hughson ladies, who had held back a little bit at the start, were beginning to move up, with their top group of: Esmeralda Campos, Emiily Fife, Kinsey Langley, and Abby Mitchell all moving into the top 20.  Hughson's 5th, Taylor Gray was also near by.

Lara and Kliewer battle for the lead with less than 1k to go.
The Huskies enjoy a significant home course advantage when the race enters the Sturtevant Arboretum, since they do workouts there at least once a week.  It was at this time, where they really began to move up to challenge San Benito.  As the ladies exited the arboretum, Lara of Hilmar continued to lead, but the two Haybalers were eating into her advantage. A few of the San Benito runners were beginning to fade and the Huskies were moving up strongly in what was quickly becoming a two team battle for the overall title.

Huskies running strong as a pack
On, the final trip through our mud pit, Lara was caught by Kliewer and Cross.  The San Bentio girls continued to lead, but Hughson's pack of 4 continued to move up.

In the end, the Lady Haybalers had too much firepower for the Huskies to overcome and prevailed 26-45.  The Huskies continued to close the gap all the way to the finish line on this shorter than normal course, with Abby Mitchell and Emily Fife closing hard to finish in 5th and 6th place over all in the field of 107 runners.

Final Team Scores (Top 5 Teams), 14 complete teams
Heading for home with heavy shoes!

San Benito - 26
Hughson - 45
Turlock - 100
Pleasant Grove - 135
Seaside - 136

Top 5 Individuals (107 Finishers)
1. Elli Kliewer, San Benito - 16:32
2. Hailey Cross, San Benito - 16:39
3. Rachel Victor, Pleasant Grove - 16:40
4. Ariana Lara, Hilmar - 16:42
5. Abby Mitchell, Hughson - 16:43

Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 Date

Mark Your Calendars

Hughson Supercross Invitational


Once again, we are proud to host the Hughson Supercross Invitational on campus at Hughson High School and in the adjoining sports complex and arboretum.

If you've never been to the Supercross, you'll find the meet a unique and exciting experience.

  1. We are the only meet around that offeres an epic Mud Pit
  2. We race on a compact, spectator friendly course.  Coaches and fans can easily access every part of the course with very little running around.
  3. We try to create a "Distance Carnival" atmosphere with music and prizes
  4. Speaking of prizes, we are the only meet that offeres criterium style premes for the first runner to pass through the mud pit (about 1k into the race).  This encourages aggressive racing and a take no prisoners attitude at the front of the pack
  5. We are also the only meet that offers prizes to random finishers, whose place is drawn at random prior to the start of each race.
  6. We have unique course record medals, team trophies, and an overall "sweepstakes" trophy for the team that places the best in all scored divisions.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Course Layout

Please check out our  Official Course Map

Now that our new athletic fields have been completed, we've had to make some adjustments to our course layout. Fortunately, with the construction finished, we can finally have a permanent layout to our course.  We are excited to have a permanent layout for this meet.  We will now be able to start keeping all time performance lists for our meet.

Please note that the kilometer marks and total distance are slightly off from their true marks.  The site is great for estimating course distances that are not run on roads, but getting the exact radius of every corner is difficult to say the least.

It is interesting that the Google Maps image for Hughson was taken  on the day that Craig Brooks and I were preparing the course for the 2011 Supercross.  If you look closely, you can see our trucks parked at the corner of Euclid and Whitmore.  You can also see the hay bales at the entrance to the Hughson Community Arboretum, and at our yet to be filled mud pit just to the east of the stadium.

Google must love the Supercross ;)